Acupuncturist Liverpool

Acupuncturist Liverpool

I decided to train as an acupuncturist after having treatment myself. I was astounded by the effects acupuncture can bring.

I trained and qualified with The British Academy Of Western Medical Acupuncture. I have full medical malpractice /public liability insurance. I regularly attend courses continuing my professional development.(CPD). I also lecture and I am an executive committee member for the British Academy of Western Medical Acupuncture. I would just like to say I love my job with a passion.

Acupuncture may respond to many conditions. Most patients use acupuncture as a last resort when they have tried everything else and wish they had tried it much sooner as positive results may occur quite quickly often patients will say if only I had tried this at the beginning. “I am now pain free”

Special clinical interests

Treating patients who are suffering with chronic pain, any type of pain, migraines, skin conditions including Psoriasis, acne etc.

I have experienced remarkable results with Acupuncture for patients that have been suffering and treated many other conditions listed on my website.

*Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural alternative to botox. I trained with Paul Adkins who trains Acupuncture Practitioners in over 30 different countries. worldwide.

When a patient books an appointment with me I will always go the extra mile utilising various  therapeutic approaches to help patients transform their health, and to make sure that a high standard professional service is provided and a  positive result is achieved by the end of the course of treatment.

Additional Treatments: Include Clinical Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Holistic facial. and Rehabilitation Massage.

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